NaniHumi & TravelHumi

Handmade humidors from Switzerland.

Now new, our customers can buy very exclusive a brand that is designed and manufactured entirely in Switzerland.

Since September 2020 there have been humidors made of solid wood, which are produced in a small workshop, which is part of an institution for people in need of support. The still young brand is called NaniManu from Ermatingen (TG) with chief designer Reana (Nani) Hostettler.

NaniManu works with 4 different types of wood and, brand new, also with barrel oak. This is wood from 100 to 300 years of wine and cider barrels from all over Europe.

The Swiss humidors from Nanimanu are prepared for the BOVEDA humidification system. It is a very simple and therefore convenient and safe system. You can also find the new products on our website.