VC Caliber 70 Maduro
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VC Caliber 70 Maduro

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Victor Calvo Caliber Maduro 70 in large format represents incredible value for money. This balanced, full-bodied cigar with complex, earthy aromas, beautifully dressed in an oily, dark brown marbled wrapper, unfolds a discreet chocolate and coffee bouquet along with slightly sweet aromas. This is joined by spicy sweetness, accompanied by increasing nuances of earth, pepper and salt. Nevertheless, she remains a Maduro with all her facets. The Caliber 70 is a pioneer for Victor Calvo and allows a lot of smoke for little money.

Filler: Nicaragua, Philippines

Binder: Besuki Indonesia

Wrapper: Besuki Maduro Indonesia

Smoking time: 90 min

Length: 178mm

Diameter: 28mm

Ring gauge: 70

Strength: Medium strength

Flavors: coffee and chocolate

Country of origin: Nicaragua

Manufacturing method: Handmade Longfiller

Special features: value for money